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Packaging design that gives more ka-ching.

Three seconds and you’re out. It takes a buyer only three seconds to decide if your product lands in their shopping basket or is left on the shelf. Stand out or stay behind. It ain’t easy being a product in a boring packaging. All the attractive ones go places and the ugly duckling is left alone. No matter how excellent the inside - the outside is the deal breaker. Let's create a packaging that will give more ka-ching!

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Why choose us for packaging design?

Because we design successful packagings. Hundreds of our designs are around already. They catch the eye but we know the technical catches too. Your packaging will be delivered in a form and format fully corresponding with your expectations and requirements.

We calculate fair prices – you only pay for the time we spend developing your design. We charge 40€ or $50 per hour and packaging deals start from 400€ or $500. A packaging deal includes a full licence to use your design without any time, territory or quantity restrictions.

Our work

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We have the creative power to make the virtual ocean move. We are a team of skilled and experienced artists, web developers and consultants at your service. We have been here for more than 10 years and will guide you safely in the stormy waters of the internet.

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