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Logo design. Easy with us.

Your logo will go wherever you go. Always there and never boring. Speaking volumes without words. A logo to make your website unforgettable, your press releases memorable and your products outstanding. It’s everywhere yet you don’t have to pay extra. Express yourself with a logo we design. Whether you like modern or classical designs – we’ll find the perfect match for you. We have been matching logos with customers for more than 10 years.

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Why choose us for logo design?

Before we draw the first line we see the big picture – your ideas, plans and values. Uncovering layer after layer we will get to the core and put the final touches to your logo. We dig deep because a superficial image is not enough. Together we’ll shape a sculpture to reflect the very substance of your goals and philosophy.

Your logo communicates an idea and our design meets all the strict technical criteria that ensure smooth communication. We strive for maximum usability – now is the time to get your logo to serve you whenever and wherever. Invest once in a logo and your investment may multiply over the years. Our clients already know it.

Our work

Have questions about logo design? Read the FAQs.

Logo design FAQs.

What does it take to create a logo?

Understanding where you come from and where you want to go. Your ideas, intentions and preferences. We start building from scratch with your input as jigsaw pieces. Your answers to our short questionnaire will create our outline. Then we look for the context – what’s around you and your business? We collect the pieces of your jigsaw and assemble them into pictures to match with the big picture. These will be your logo & identity drafts. Now you pick the draft that you like best and that we will tweak and tune into perfection. When you’re fully satisfied and approve the design we deliver the final version ready to be used immediately.

How long does it take to create a logo?

Creating 10 drafts takes longer than creating one. Also, if you require many changes it will takes us longer to get to the final destination. However, experience shows that it usually takes 4 weeks to create a great logo.

What does it cost to get a custom-made logo?

The price for the logo design ranges from 400€ or $500, depending on the amount of work we'll need to dedicate to your project. We'll calculate the final price based on the amount of hours we spend on your project. Our hourly rate is 40€ or $50 per hour.


We have the creative power to make the virtual ocean move. We are a team of skilled and experienced artists, web developers and consultants at your service. We have been here for more than 10 years and will guide you safely in the stormy waters of the internet.

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