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We’re ExpressionEngine developers.

Looking for ExpressionEngine developers? Look no further, we are right here. Let’s work together and develop an ExpressionEngine-powered website that will make you and your customers truly happy. ExpressionEngine has been our passion for more than five years. Have a look and see for yourself.

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We develop ExpressionEngine add-ons.

We’ve done dozens of EE-powered sites. Check them out here!

Why choose our ExpressionEngine developers?

Our experience teaches us that no job is too small and no challenge too big. We’ve been developing for ExpressionEngine for more than five years and enjoy what we do – be it simple company presentations or huge internet projects based on ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter.

We don’t change our winning team of ExpressionEngine developers – so there’s always a helping hand should you need one. We consult, design & develop and won’t let you down when you need help. We’re in for the long run – the first decade in web development just whetted our appetite.

Our work

Have questions about ExpressionEngine development. Read the FAQs.

ExpressionEngine FAQs.

That’s all very nice – but what’s the price tag?

It could be a little or it could be a figure that our tax office will be very happy to see. It’s up to your project – castles cost more than huts. But you’re not going to pay through your nose. Our ExpressionEngine developers charge 40€ or $50 per hour.

What if I want an ExpressionEngine website and I want it now?

Not so fast, young Padawan. Even our ExpressionEngine developers need a few weeks or maybe months to develop a website. And again, it’s up to you, if you need something simple or something to rock peoples’ boats. Haste makes waste.

What if we need a website for our client?

No problem – outsourcing is a smart choice and your business is safe with us. We are happy to respect confidentiality and NDAs.

What if I have this fantastic idea for a unique ExpressionEngine add-on to sell? Can you help?

Sure, why not. We develop your ExpressionEngine add-on, you pay and it’s yours – do with it as you please. With our continued support and even further development should you have any more ideas.


We have the creative power to make the virtual ocean move. We are a team of skilled and experienced artists, web developers and consultants at your service. We have been here for more than 10 years and will guide you safely in the stormy waters of the internet.

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